Adding a Feedback Form to Blogger Using Google Docs

This blog describes the procedure to add a Feedback Form with blog rating option in blogger as in my blog you can see in sidebar by scrolling down. The Form will be created through Google Docs which is much more reliable than any.

Another very good feature is whenever any body gives his/her feedback through that form you will receive notification email from Google Docs that some has made feedback.

You can add feedback form in sidebar or as a separate page in blogger.

Steps are described below:

Sign in to Google Docs with your Gmail Id.

1.   On the home page click Create button and then click on the Form option as displayed in the picture below.

2.   The next tab page will be open to design a form like in picture below. Fill the form as you are viewing in the picture.

 3.   Then Create a multichoice item as described in the picture.

4.   Create the multichoice button list as show below.

5.   The click on done and Choose Embed option click to copy the code.

6.   A window will be open like below then select code and copy the code.

7.   Then in Layout of your blog add a gadget in sidebar and choose html script option and paste the code. Adjust the width and height in code according to your sidebar.

8.   Again go back to Google Docs web page and close the feedback form page and you will return to Google Docs home page. Then click the Feedback link as described in the picture below.

9.  Spreadsheet will open in next tab as you can see in the picture. Select tools menu and choose Notification rules option.

10.  The Notification Rules window will open add the rule as shown below.

11.  After that close the spreadsheet tab it will automatically save.

Now your Feedback Form is ready. Check your blog.

Hope you will like this. 🙂

Adding Feedback Form in Blogger

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Mar 13


5 thoughts on “Adding a Feedback Form to Blogger Using Google Docs”

  1. Following your directions, my sidebar gadget shows the entire feedback form always opened up, instead of a link to click to open the feedback form in another window as I was hoping.

    Ideally, I'd like to have the feedback form embedded in a static Page, but that doesn't seem to be working either.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hi,
    If you want to open it in another static page then create a new page in pages section and paste the embed code (you copied from google doc) in that page and then you can access that page with url.

    Another way if you want to access feedback form with a link only then instead of getting embed code from google doc just share the link for that feedback form from the list of your google doc pages.

    Try above mention solution, if still having problem the please ask again, I will definitely help you.

    V. Kapoor


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