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5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog?

Everyone has a hobby which a person loves to do when he is free. My hobbies are listening to music, to read interesting facts and Blogging. Yes, blogging is also a hobby which you will love to do in your free time or whenever you want to if you will get into it once. I've found blogging an interesting thing to do rather than wasting time when you are free. This is my first blog, I always watch my father blogging, so today I asked him to give me a chance to write for his blog. I am in 10th standard so please ignore the mistakes if any, I hope you will like my views on Why You Should Start a Blog.

Here are some 5 reasons why you should start your own blog now:

1: Develops Your Skills

Blogging is just about writing your thoughts, experience, ideas etc. It develops your writing skills and your language, it will change you into a better writer and of course into a better thinker. Let's take an example, if you are blogging on gadgets then you will first observe what new gadgets are coming in the market or going to come, their advantages, disadvantages and many more things based on that particular gadget like this you are building up your own knowledge on that topic which is beneficial for you. If you are a teen and want to start a blog then it is a very good decision as it will help you in your subjects like in English grammar, you get compositions to write, by blogging you are thinking and writing so that you could not do grammatical mistakes while writing. In other words, you can improve your writing and thinking skills.

2: It Will Bring Change in You

As you will start blogging you will find the change in yourself. You will become a good writer, you will feel confident in expressing your views, your knowledge will be good and many other changes. You will find a habit of being patient as the blog you will start can't become popular at once but with determination and hard-work you can work on it and can make it great and appreciable. Blogging is better than wasting your time when you are free.

3: You Will Become Popular

Everybody wants to become popular or to be known. Blogging is the easy way to become popular. If you will give it time, discipline and patience you can become a great blogger. Blogging will connect you to millions of people from every corner of the earth, who are searching answers for their queries. If they will like what you have blogged then some of them will comment and follow you and it brings confidence to make your blog better. To become popular is not very much easy as it requires patience, hard-work, determination, and concentration. It is not necessary to give all your time on blogging if you will write one blog in a week it doesn't matter, what matters is you are giving your best while writing that one blog.

Mukund Kapoor: why you should start a blog
Author: Mukund Kapoor

4: It is free

You can start your own blog now without spending a penny. Opening your own blog will cost you nothing. I will recommend you to start your blog with WordPress. But if you want to start a blog with custom domain name then I will suggest you start a blog with WordPress using Bluehost hosting. I had tried Google's Blogger but as Google has many priorities, I switched to WordPress and it is having many better features too. You can start through blogger but I had tried both and recommends you work on WordPress.

5: Source of income

It is also an external source of income. You can earn money through blogging, you will be paid without spending anything. But you should not start blogging only to earn as it will destroy the joy of blogging. You should blog for blogging purpose without concentrating to just earn.

So these are the five reasons for why you should start a blog. So start your own blog now, get inspired and inspire others. 🙂

Written by Mukund Kapoor

Hi There, my self Mukund Kapoor, currently studying in 10th standard. My hobbies are listening music, reading facts and sketching. I am very much ambitious in life to do something great. :)

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