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2 Ways to Unlock Oracle Apex Admin Account

Is your Oracle Apex admin account locked? Use any one method from the following two examples to unlock the Oracle Apex admin account.

Method -1: Using APXCHPWD.SQL Script

You will find this script in your Oracle Apex installation folder. The script apxchpwd.sql not only changes the admin password but also unlocks the admin user.

To run this script, open the command prompt on Windows systems or open terminal in Linux/Mac systems. Then change the current directory to your Oracle Apex installation directory and then run the following commands:

sqlplus sys/[email protected] as sysdba

This will prompt you to specify a new password for the admin user. Specify the password, and your admin account will be unlocked.

Method -2: Using APEX_UTIL Package

The alternate approach is to run apex_util.set_security_group_id() and apex_util.unlock_account() procedures to unlock the admin account in Oracle Apex.

To run these commands, open the command prompt/terminal and run the following commands:

sqlplus sys/your[email protected] as sysdba
   apex_util.set_security_group_id(p_security_group_id => 10);
   apex_util.unlock_account(p_user_name => 'ADMIN');

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