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10 Smartest AI Chatbots

Are you a business looking to expand your customer relations division? Are you tired of managing live chat executives? Or do you want to increase the popularity of your website by adding a variety of tools for visitor interaction? Then look no more because AI Chatbot is the solution to all your problems. Continue reading to know more about AI Chatbots and the 10 smartest AI Chatbots available in the market.

Evolution of Customer Service Live Chat to AI Chatbots

Since the shift of preference to online digital sales from marketplaces, business owners have had trouble communicating with and handling customers. Initially, websites turned to telephonic customer care services where customers could call for any assistance. But this required around-the-clock staffing, which wasn’t feasible. A solution to the problem was customer service live chat where a single operator can manage several customers simultaneously.

The live chat reassured customers about site owners’ commitment towards them, which wasn’t felt during the long waiting times while calling the customer executive. However, the live chat had its shortcomings. It also requires a workforce, and sometimes there can be some mix-ups while catering to different customers. Likewise, there are issues handling customers of a large-scale website. With time, new technologies like chatbots came into existence and saved the gloom experience of customer support. The categorization of Chatbots is in three main types.

Linguistic (Rule-Based) Chatbots

Linguistic or Rule-based Chatbots run on a flowchart-based set of questions. It gives the user a question followed by a set of options to select from and cannot work on inputs not defined by the rules. These are also known as catalog chatbots because they are similar to a catalog. Here a bot who takes us directly to the particular page after taking some inputs replaces page-turning. These bots have limited information that is suitable for a single product dedicated website.

AI (Machine Learning) Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning Chatbots provide human-like interaction with the website. It has provisions to think independently and can reply to all the customer’s queries regarding the website and products. We will discuss AI Chatbots in detail later.

Conversational AI (Hybrid) Chatbots

Conversational AI Chatbots is the amalgamation of Linguistic and AI Chatbots. It is not restricted to just websites. Their utilization is in major messaging and interactive communication applications. They grow knowledge and vocabulary by communicating with people and use this gained apprehension in future communications. They can even converse with the user via speech.

Introduction to AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots make it possible for the user to have conversations in the manner of a real-life-like conversation. These conversations help the user if they face some non-predefined specific problem not available in Rule-based chatbots. The working of an AI Chatbot works can be as simple as an automated task performing software. Some AI-based chatbots go through training by language assistants and use past communication logs to build their intelligence. As a result, user problems that repeat over time can decrease gradually. And to mitigate the non-availability of solutions, the language and tech experts go through a lot of communication with the bot. These intense sessions provide knowledge of every possible scenario that the bot will face when it is online. Read on to understand the architecture of an AI Chatbot platform consisting of three integral parts in simple words.

Pattern Matching

The pattern matching stage is where the bot links the input with an existing command. These patterns use Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) as a standard model for interpretation.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the tool that helps the chatbot to understand the input statement. It is further sectioned into three steps. The first step is of identifying the entities of the information by recognizing multiple keywords as the subject of the statement. The next step is to determine in what context the statement applies to the current conversation. And the final step is to understand what the expectations of the user are while giving the information.

Natural Language Processing

After understanding the statement, the next stage is to process the given command. Processing the message goes through five steps to generate a final reply statement to the user. The steps are Tokenization, Sentiment Analysis, Normalisation, Named Entity Recognition, and Dependency Parsing.

A brief description of the top 10 smartest AI-powered Chatbots is available below. You can refer to these while developing your own AI chatbot to provide the best user experience on your website.

10 Smartest AI Chatbots

1. Kuki (Mitsuku) by Pandorabots

Kuki, previously known as Mitsuku, is one of the smartest AI Chatbots in the world. It is the flagship AI chatbot of Pandorabots and is the benchmark you should aim for while creating new chatbots. The conversations with Kuki are almost similar to human interaction. Considering the unpredictability of the sentences people say during a conversation, the ability to converse fluently results from tons of practice. This great use of AIML by Pandorabots led them to win Loebner Prize five times, where the winner is the AI Bot with the most human-like conversational skills.

Kuki’s architecture is a display of what is achievable by the Pandorabots platform. It has features to remember the user’s character, and building on it can provide the same answer to a repeated question. Kuki can batter with the user to make the conversations funnier and more enjoyable.

2. Lobster

Lobster, an AI developed by EBI.AI, is one of the best AI Chatbots for Customer Service. It can help an organization to grow its market value by creating a unique experience for the customer. Its way of conversing with the customer makes it stand out while constantly adding information to its database. There are inbuilt features available that can cue a human executive to take command of the conversation when the need arises.

EBI.AI provides several other AI chatbots and AI assistants that suits the requirement of the website. All of the developed chatbots contain the same core functionalities of Lobster, enabling them to give the best possible user experience.

3. ManyChat

ManyChat is the number one AI chatbot on Facebook platforms. The specialty of ManyChat is to have deep conversations with a user in chat and voice modes. It utilizes Chat Marketing techniques to increase the quality of the AI chatbot further. Facebook Messenger uses ManyChat to provide customer service to improve the trade going on in the platform. The messenger and SMS features in Live Chat allow the customer to create meaningful conversations with the bot or any other user.

4. FlowXO

FlowXO gives a user without the knowledge of coding an opportunity to create a chatbot. It comes with a fully functional AI chatbot only with the integration of Dialogflow. FlowXO developers claim it to be an automation tool crucial in deploying and hosting across different platforms. It focuses on having a marketing toolset that allows businesses to have a good connection with their customers. FlowXO can also start conversation flows based on some keywords in various languages.

The only negative point of FlowXO is that it requires a third-party integration to create chatbots with complex architectures. It can also recognize their answers as false and take the assistance of a live chat executive.

5. OmniChat by Mobile Monkey

OmniChat by Mobile Monkey is the Best AI Chatbot app for Android providing services across Web Chat, Facebook applications, and SMSs. The unified chat of Omnichat can collect conversations across all the mentioned platforms to a convenient place. It is almost free for personal users who wish to employ OmniChat to increase sales and engagement in their small-scale websites. While Facebook bans users for using bots, OmniChat is an approved resource.

OmniChat lacks native integration, which results in not having smooth conversations in other apps compared to its standalone app. Other than this lag, there aren’t many issues in using this OmniChat for your sales service.

6. Botsify

Botsify is one of the smartest chatbots available. It also provides the user the ability to create bots without coding knowledge. Botsify chatbot is famous for its voice features which can escalate the popularity of the integrated website. With the best-in-class AI chatbot manager and technical support, any website developer will look forward to adopting Botsify to their website. The chatbox supports sharing image files, and its plugin allows incorporation in major messaging applications.

It is possible to use Botsify with any virtual voice assistants to collect data useful for enhanced exchange of vocabularies. Botsify is fluent in all the known languages making it a good channel for education purposes.

7. Aivo

Aivo is a fully packed AI Chatbot that is the smartest AI Chatbot for website applications. It provides multiple language support, code-free usage, voice conversations, emojis, and autocorrect facilities. There are features to accumulate the failed questions during interaction and give answers to those by support staff to increase the bot’s knowledge. Aivo also makes sure that the queries are personally answered, providing the user a more humane experience.

Aivo doesn’t have a free version and is a bit priced in comparison to other chatbots. But the real-time conversations skills of the chatbots allow overlooking this high price.

8. Imperson

Imperson allows the developers to create entirely natural solutions for customers via conversation. This AI chatbot can convert visitors into customers through individualized conversation and efficient goal-seeking dialogues. Imperson is an intelligent enterprise platform that supports the majority of file types on messaging websites. There is an AI moderator that helps the user to set goals for conversations. The end-to-end solution with real-time bot insights helps boost the visits to the website.

The augmented reality and virtual reality features are gamechanger in the AI chatbot domain. The only issue that bothers developers is that there is no pricing. The price is not mentioned anywhere on the website, and each user gets different quotes depending on their requirement.

9. Genesys DX (Bold360)

Genesys DX, previously known as Bold360, is one of the smartest AI Chatbots capable of digital customer engagement. It is the most premium AI chatbot available and has very high pricing, so it doesn’t get much popularity other than tailored user experiences. The support team gives much assistance in easy implementation and integration to the website. There are flexible options to change the current setup on live AI chatbots to improve the website experience.

Genesys DX has issues relating to the features on the dashboard during new updates. Some features like reporting abilities and native mobile applications need improvement. Better beta-testing can mitigate this problem.


The developers of claim it to be the most intuitive no-code AI chatbot builder. Landbot provides the best user interface, and its integration is possible with the most significant number of applications. Even the user with no coding experience can use Landbot with the unsophisticated visual constructor. It is a conversational experience builder with built-in analytics that can study live traffic.

Landbot has some trouble with the cost per seat feature of pricing. With an essential support team, it is almost impossible to handle a comprehensive AI chatbot. Also, it is only available in the English language, which can be an issue in handling non-English speaking customers.

To Conclude

Most of the features of all the new AI chatbots are similar and will only vary in UI/UX and price. The best way to find out the smartest AI chatbot for your website will be to study user engagement analytics in other websites after deploying AI chatbots. There are also various reputed awards in the AI chatbot development category, which are helpful during selection. Among the mentioned, Kuki by Pandorabots is the best and smartest chatbot depending on the budget and the number of new users to your website.

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