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Top 10 Best Python Books as of 2022

Books are always the best key to lay a foundation for understanding any subject. Learning the Python programming language from books gives you the confidence to perform better. Also, It will boost your theoretical knowledge and improve your understanding of each concept in a much better way. Moreover, Python has become a highly preferable language. So, If you want to survive in this IT world, Python is necessary. That is why we are here to help you find some amazing books. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best Python books as of 2022 that are more informative and worth reading. Additionally, we have added all the information, such as the author of the book, its price, its features, and everything that you need to know.

10 Best Python Books

1. Python Crash Course

If you are a beginner and want to learn the Python programming language from scratch, this book is one of the best Python books and has everything exactly what you are looking for. These 546 pages of the book by Eric Matthes will walk you through all the fundamental key concepts of Python. So, you will get confident with all the basic topics of Python. Moreover, This book is a combination of theoretical concepts and projects. Additionally, It covers the topics in Python like variables, data types, lists, if statements, dictionaries, loops, functions, classes, files, and exceptions. After that, a few projects are provided. These projects are based on alien invasion games, data visualizations, and web applications that give you hands-on experience. Besides, This book is available on Amazon at a price of ₹1,588 for the kindle edition and ₹2,161 for the paper book.

Why this book?

  • Easy to learn and understand for beginners
  • Offers a complete foundation knowledge of Python
  • Covers various concepts of Python
  • Projects are available
  • Gives you confidence in Python

2. Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

This Automate the boring stuff with Python book is written by Al Sweigart. In these 505 pages, Sweigart has offered so much knowledge on applying Python in the real world to automate tasks. At first, You'll understand how to use Python to develop programs that accomplish tedious, time-consuming manual tasks. Moreover, You won't need any prior programming knowledge to read this book. Without any basic knowledge, you will be able to understand this book. Once you've mastered the fundamentals of programming, you'll be able to write Python programs that do useful and amazing tasks with ease. Finally, You can buy this book on Amazon at a price of ₹1,190 for the kindle edition and ₹2,599 for the paper book.

Why this book?

  • Offers real-world implementation of Python
  • Teaches to automate the tedious tasks
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Provides practical knowledge
  • Makes you create Python coding effortlessly

3. Head First Python

Head First Python book by author Paul Barry engages your mind through a high-quality visual format instead of a content strategy that tends to put the reader to take a nap. Why squander your time grappling with new ideas? This experiential learning is tailored to the way your brain actually functions. Firstly, These 624 pages will first go through all the basic concepts of Python and then help you get into deep. After that, you will learn how to use Python programming to create Web apps, exception handling, data wrangling, etc. Also, Amazon sells this book at ₹1,275 for a paper book, and the Kindle edition is available at ₹1,211.

Why this book?

  • An interesting and engaging book
  • Well designed with pictorial representations
  • Provides basic as well as in-depth knowledge
  • Helps to learn how to create web apps
  • Simple to understand

4. Python Programming For Absolute Beginners

If you're new to the Python language and want a strong guide, this is the book for you. This Micheal Dawson book of Python trains the fundamentals of coding through the development of simple games. In this book, You will gain new techniques required for practical Python programming implementations and how to apply this knowledge in real environments. By the end of this book, you'll be fluent in Python and will have the ability to contribute fundamental programming concepts. Besides, The 464 pages of the paper book edition of this book on Amazon costs ₹2,266.

Why this book?

  • The best guide for freshers in Python
  • Teaches you to create simple games
  • Offers new techniques in Python
  • Makes you fluent in Python
  • Real-world implementation is involved

5. Learn Python The Hard Way

Zed Shaw is the author of Learn Python the Hard Way book. In this book, the author has created 52 exercises to help the readers learn Python the hard way. Moreover, This 320 pages book teaches you the subject through actual coding rather than just reading about it. As a result, It is very helpful for boosting up your knowledge or upgrading your coding experience. Furthermore, The author gives complete solutions for the problems with step by step logic approach. Therefore, these reasons make this book - the best way to learn Python programming. The paperback edition of this book costs ₹1,999 on Amazon, while the Kindle edition costs ₹1,899.

Why this book?

  • No prior experience is required
  • Teaches how to write Python programs
  • Step by step solutions are available
  • Practical learning approach
  • Improves your coding knowledge

Till now, we have seen books that are helpful for beginners to create a foundation in the Python programming language. Now, we are going to discuss some advanced books that are preferred for experts or people who already have some experience in Python.

6. Python Cookbook

This book is a one-of-a-kind cookbook intended for expert Python programmers who want to concentrate on advanced techniques. Firstly, It covers all the advanced concepts of Python. For example, data structures, strings, classes, objects, Web Programming, Concurrency, Testing, Debugging, and Exceptions. Furthermore, it explains the history of various Python modules as well as how and when to use them. Moreover, this 724 pages of an amazing Python Cookbook is written by Brain Jones and David Beazley.  Again, You can buy this book on Amazon. It costs ₹554 for the kindle edition and ₹1,850 for the paper book.

Why this book?

  • Best book to advance in Python programming
  • Covers various concepts of Advanced Python
  • Preferred for experts to upskill
  • Very detailed explanations for concepts
  • Gives you a lot more practice

7. Python for Data Analysis

William McKinney is the author of this book. This is mainly based on the data analysis and how Python is used in it. In this 544 pages of the book, you'll learn various concepts of data analysis using Python. For instance, how to manipulate, filter, analyze, and compress datasets in Python. Simultaneously,  It provides a walkthrough of the Python programming language and its data-oriented module architecture, as well as tools to help you become a better data analyst. In addition, you will also learn about various libraries of Python used for data analysis and everything related to it. The Kindle edition of this book costs ₹1,377, while the paperback edition costs ₹1,450 on Amazon. 

Why this book?

  • Preferred book for data analysts and data scientists
  • Gives in-depth knowledge of Python for data analysis
  • Practical examples are provided in this book
  • Helps in applying Python's tools to data science
  • Improves the implementation of Python in projects

8. Advanced Python Programming 

This Advanced Python Programming book is tailored to Python programmers who wish to learn about multi-core, networked concurrency, and python design principles. Although, You'll only get the best out of this book if you have some basic programming skills. Furthermore, You'll learn how to use TensorFlow and other libraries to build code for architectures. The authors of this book are Dr. Gabriele Lanaro, Quan Nguyen, and Sakis Kasampalis. And, This 672 pages book is available on Amazon. You can buy the paper book at the price of ₹2,974 as well as the Kindle edition at the price of ₹516.

Why this book?

  • Best book to write high-performance python applications
  • Very informative and neatly presented
  • Specially designed to advance in Python
  • Helps to learn how Python design works
  • Allows to explore various libraries of Python

9. Fluent Python

Luciano Ramalho is the author of the Fluent Python book. You can easily find this book on Amazon. And, This book costs ₹3,954 for paper book and ₹596 for Kindle edition on Amazon. The main motto of this book is to help us write Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming in the Python language. Moreover, This book of 770 pages will help you deep-dive into Python programming with various insightful concepts. However, this book is definitely only for the people who have minimum knowledge of the Python programming language. So, people who already have a knowledge of Python are preferred to read this book.

Why this book? 

  • Teaches to write effective Python programs
  • Walks you through core Python concepts in detail
  • Very helpful to upskill in Python
  • Best book for Python programmers
  • Easy to understand due to clear explanations

10. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

As the name suggests, this book is for people who want to work with machine learning using Python programming. Andreas Miller, the author, concentrates on the practical implications of employing machine learning algorithms rather than the mathematics underlying them. By the end of this book, you will learn how to use Python and its libraries to create your own machine learning solutions and applications successfully. Moreover, the 392 pages of comprehensive information will make you master Python libraries used in ML. The Kindle edition of this book costs ₹1,140 as well as the paper book costs ₹1,200 on Amazon.

Why this book?

  • Best choice to head start in the field of ML
  • Helps to learn the implementation of Python in ML
  • Gives complete understanding of Python libraries in ML
  • Makes you proficient in developing ML algorithms in Python
  • In-depth knowledge with practical examples


Why should I learn Python?

First, Python is a popular programming language. Secondly, it is the best choice to enter the IT industry.  It is a highly preferred language for any developer or programmer. Moreover, it makes the coding easy and interesting. And finally, there is a lot of scope for Python programming language now and forever.

How long does it take to learn Python Programming Language?

Python is referred to as a simple and easy to learn languge. Any beginner with no prior coding experience can easily understand and learn. So, It is true that you can learn it quickly. But, it is difficult to predict the exact time. However, for a beginner, it would take approximately 2-3 weeks to reach the intermediate level.

Where can I learn Python?

Python can be learned by self-learning or through courses. There are numerous online courses available on the internet. Again, there are the best books out there to help you out. There is no doubt about resources, and you have plenty of them. So, just use them properly, and you can become a master in Python programming.

Which is the best Python book for beginners to learn Python Programming?

For beginners, you should always prefer a book that covers the basic concepts first and slowly get into deep. So, I prefer you to check out the Python crash course book by Eric Matthes.

What are the best books to learn to code faster?

The only way to learn any programming language is to implement it and practice it. Therefore, I suggest you read Learn Python the Hard Way book by Zed Shaw because it has numerous exercises that will make you proficient on how to write codes for various applications.


Therefore, these are the top 10 books of Python programming language one must check out. These books will help you master Python coding. However, some books are only for beginners, and some are for only advanced programmers. So, kindly go through this blog and choose your book accordingly. Although all these books are written by experts, and they are worth reading. Thus, I suggest you just take a look at all books. I hope you will find the exact book that suits you.

Quick List of 10 Best Python Books